Australian Dedicated Servers

Does anyone know of any good dedicated server hosts in Australia ( for game servers mainly )
I can spend up to about $350, $400 if it’s absolutely necessary. Please no dodgy hosts… I’ve had some bad experiences lately.

(Sydney preferable, only east coast), I hosted with them once, they were great. Just send them a email.

You can try

The GSP MMOwnage uses from what I’ve heard.

The time I was with they seemed pretty good. Support isn’t instant or super fast but usually a responce in 24 hours.

I’ve noticed declining fast, The Game servers aren’t as good as they used to be.

Although that’s just me, They also provide some good webhosting plans.

I just gave egl an email, hopefully they can give me a good deal. Anyone got anything else to add? Maybe some more hosts to look at?

OzServers are good. From memory they are located in Brisbane.

If you do go through with them could you refer to me :smiley:

Yea sure, what was your account name with them?


I’d rather not:

4x2.66GHZ = 10.64 so dedicated server go fast fast.

I don’t understand the problem? It’s too fast?

Well it isn’t really going at 10ghz, is it? They’re just advertising that it is.

lol no it isn’t going at 10ghz. each cpu built in goes at 2.66Ghz so they thought they were smart by just plussing all the cpu’s ghz.

I personally OzServers are a big rip off and so is EpicServers. EpicServers never ever used to be good. I mean even their css servers were laggy as fuck. The owner of it is just completely retarded.

I’d stick with ServerFFS as the new update of garrys mod just got official linux binaries. Contact ServerFFS and tell them they can add an update button for garrys mod servers. I’m with them as well.

No, I don’t trust ServerFFS anymore. They have lost our trust… Those Bastards! :argh:

Their Garry’s Mod servers used linux binaries big whoop?

They totally ripped me off, think about it.
I ask them to update it, they tell me to update it myself in their cpanel, there is no update button, I never get a reply asking them to do it for me.

All in all I got banned from their support for asking them to do something.

No, they ripped Crazy and I off. Why should we trust them anymore?

Well you don’t understand the point that you don’t get an update button

Linux binaries were in beta mode. Which by meaning You can’t use hldsupdatetool to download a new update.

Now since garry has shipped garry with the linux binaries you should be able to update your server. Just contant them and they should be able to implement your server with an Update button.

I’m with ServerFFS at the moment, and all I needed to do was press the Hibernate button. This is not that complicated is it? If its bugged contact them (not yelling or angry/abusive messages) tell them its bugged and they should be able to manually put you on hibernate.

They might be a pain in the ass from their support. Just attempt to contact them (send them an email) asking about the ban and explain your side of the story and all should be well.


I emailed their email, they told me not to email them about this sort of thing there. But I can open a support ticket about it!

Stop defending them, they’re assholes.

Hypernia are a bunch of rip off pigs.

The fact that they are hosting servers using Beta binaries, Is fucking lame!. People should be GETTING Paid to host it on linux binaries since its in the testing stage and requires alot more work.

A server is a server. If its beta or not. They supplied you with a server for what you paid. Are you going to still complain? I mean, You could of asked them if its beta or not. Official builds have been uploaded. For fuck sake STOP ARGUING ABOUT BETA BINARIES YOU CAN NOW UPDATE YOUR SERVER.

(I am not on either side of ServerFFS or you guys)