Australian Dedicated Servers

Im not fucking complaining about the beta binaries, Im complaining on how stupid a server hosting company can be.

Every host has had a shameless time in there past.

Yeah, but any other host would have refunded the customer. They were obviously trying to steal my money…

Actually, If you paid for the next month and so on, They will refund you for that but they won’t refund you for the same month.

And they obviously did :wink:

So you have a server with serverffs? Are you able to update yours?

If its a server problem they should.

At the moment they don’t have an update button yet. I will tell them about this, but I don’t own the account, I share with someone at the moment

If I run gmod servers on a dedi, can they only use one core? Or do they have multi-core support?

I remember garry saying that he wont introduce multi core.