Australian Garrysmod Server Host?

heys guys,

i was just wondering if anyone could provide a list of australian server hosts for this year.

i know there are other posts about this but mostly for other countries (ie UK) and they are a few years old, so instead of necrposting i decided to open up a new thread.

i know hosts like AusFrag and ZetaServers are shutting down their gmod servers.

im not after any recommendations, however im not saying dont give one :), also please only provide CURRENT garrysmod server hosts, and im not concerned with any prices.

thanks in advance.

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both host in Sydney

Most of those hosts listed in the garry’s mod wiki that you linked don’t even offer Australian services although they accept AUD as a currency. HUH?

Cloudcube - $16 for 4 slots (including set up fee and non-branding costs) I don’t think so…

TacoNation - Decent pricing but is always getting taken down by DDoS attacks. Sydney services at TacoNation have been down since the 21st of April.

There are only two that allow you to pay in AUD and both are Australian hosts.

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Australian hosting has always been notoriously expensive, so… don’t act too surprised.
Provides Australian Game server Hosting, at an affordable price.

soo theres really no cheap server hosting in australia anymore?

i miss cubos gaming :frowning:

What are you talking about? Server rental in Australia has always been high, if anything, it’s only started to come down recently.

cubos gaming was heaps cheap only like $1.70 per slot then they shut down their game servers

I use this one for webhosting, they have cheap gmod servers

Cloudcube has the best DDos protection in Australia and good quality servers, hence the price.

You’re better off buying an australian VPS from someone like mammothvps, it ends up cheaper.

well thats what i ended up doing.

2gb ram
20gb HDD
300gb Bandwidth

$45 per month

been running my darkrp server fine for the last 2 weeks, since zeta shutdown. You just gotta know you way around linux

Who’s this with?

A member from cloudcube dosed my homehosted server a while ago, the asshole.
yeah, like the others said just go with a VPS

host suggestions for VPS?


You get what you pay for

Relentless don’t do gameservers anymore - but yes we do have the best protection and alot of communities are strongly standing by it

i miss the old days when you could have a server up without worrying about some 8 year old with devnull.

so basically, the solution is to buy a vps and just run srcds from that?



I’ve told you multiple times that we’ve never done anything like that, we have better things to do… why would we attack a home hosted server

let it go

ok im just going to say that you guys are kinda derailing my thread.

this was posted to make a list of current gmod hosts, not about who took down who.