Australian hunter

I tried to make the Australian hunter D:
We assume that this is a beta version :smiley:


Nice editing, but Mr. Off-screen has to be replaced with dinos :smiley:

Should have been a spas12.
Muldoon no?.. V:v:V

Some edges look a little sharp, otherwise it’s pretty good.

It is very difficult to work with green screen D:
So I put all my effort into it.
And also this is my second job with a green screen =)

Don’t want to sound rude, but once you’ll get used to it it’s piss easy. You just zoom in and do the job.

FEELINGS? (backstabbed)

It reminds me of Red Dead Redemption.

It’s funny cause you could have just spawned the sniper with his rifle.

I’m just kidding ya, it’s a good picture.

Wait, is it just a heavily shoped sniper? :v:

Except they’re illegal as fuck here and good luck getting them :v:

More like an SMLE. Now those are everywhere.

he’s wearing lipstick

Just a model such strange lips = (


Oh, to be honest I just wanted to make Australian hunter :smiley:

Or a Remington 7615… or any ther random WW2 bolt-action rifle.

I have:
Mosin Nagant
SMLE Lee Enfield
Rem 7615
Mauser K98k