Australian Official Server Down Once Again?

Just wondering, but why is the Official Australian Server down again? It seems to be quite frequent, Has anyone else noticed this as well?

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

I would be morw surprised if you said it was up.
When i check at night it is always down. I cant remember the last time it was up in the last week.

In the mean time feel free to come play on the new Unofficial TOG server.

[TOG] The Older Gamers - PVP

Press F1 on the server list and paste in the following:

Tais - It randomly comes and goes, just wish it was constantly there, and apparently the server’s located somewhere not in Australia -.-

Deadzy, I only play Official servers, but I will hit you guys up sometime if I feel like joining, do you guys wipe very much?, is the server hosted in Australia?, and thanks for the info on how to join servers, something new, that I didn’t know about :slight_smile:

Not sure on wipe periods yet as we only just established it, will probably performs wipes only when it gets obvious some is dominating everyone constantly. Or it gets too cluttered.

Pity to wipe when people put so much effort into a large fort. But must be done when the time comes.

We do ban for the following though, usually after a warning. We want a nice community not a bunch of loud mouths :stuck_out_tongue:

Excessive swearing or the use of offensive terms. This includes racist terms or “C bombs”, the terms “r.a.p.e”, “paedophile”, or other particularly foul language.

It’s down now again. Looks like China server is down too.