[Australian Server ] 24/7 | Lag Free | New Player Friendly | |PvP|

- Introduction -

Hello everyone and welcome to the thread for one of the new Australian PvP server(s) available for Rust, please make sure you read the details and our server rules before joining, players that do not follow the rules will be dismissed from the server.

***- Rules - ***

Be respectful and mature when playing - Childish behaviour isn’t welcome on this server.

You must leave a 1 hour gap between succeeding or failing at raiding one players base before raiding the same player again.

No begging for items from our Admin(s), they are not Admins to give you free items.

Do not complain about being killed by other players (Spawn Camping is reportable)

Hacking or use of Third Party Software is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban on our server.

***- Details - ***

PvP Enabled
Air Drops Enabled
Sleepers Enabled
Active Admins (Report Admin Abuse if found)
24/7 Uptime + Lag Free (Unless DDOS Attacks are happening)
Friendly Community (New player friendly)

- How to Join -

Launch Rust and once the game has loaded hit F1 to bring up the console menu, then type net.connect net.connect into the console box.

Take note that players are allowed to kill you and complaining to the Admins for people doing PvP normally wont do anything (Unless you’re being camped at your base)