Australian Server: Daedalus Gaming |Instacraft|White Listing Accepted|

Hi Everyone,

Please feel free to jump in and have a mess around on our new server. It is still being set up but for the most part it is ready to go and fully working.

I am the owner so if you see me on say hi :slight_smile:

Hope to see some of you soon :rolleyes:

Server IP is if you don’t know how to direct connect just go to consol (f1) and type net.connect



Seen a few people on so far which is good, if you see me on say hi and mention that you have seen this on FP and I will send you a starter kit for building a house.

Any players who jump from one server to another, get a screenshot of your gear and I shall compensate for swapping servers as well as a starter pack to get a basic home built!