[Australian Server] PVP | Sleepers: ON | 75% Craft

**Server status:**ONLINE.


New Server - should be up 24/7
Currently only a couple of admins so we’re sure nothing is spawned in (Highly Trusted People)
May be building a community in the future, depends how many players frequent the server/activity of said players.
Active Admins; we’ll be on a lot (not around 24/7 because we do have lives)
^We’ll have friends on the server to record/inform us of anything that needs to be.

We’ll also be doing occasional events such as;
Increased Airdrops (Not abusing it though)
Search and Claim (Loot sacks hidden in rad towns/mountains with an item or two in them, collected/crafted legitimately ofcourse)


Hacking / Bug Abusing will get you instantly banned from the server, All claims will be looked into seriously.
If you build a base inside a rock you’ll be warned/dealt with.
No excessive spamming.
No impersonating admins.
Strictly NO advertising.

Wrong forums? :open_mouth:

yeah just realised as i posted it and moved it across D: