Australian TodayTonight posts about Rust

Here I am reading random shit on Facebook, However… I stumble upon a status that TodayTonight had posted about the game Rust, here it is;

"Are your children playing this “game” that parents are calling a barbaric pedophile simulator? The game released late last year has naked men as old as 60 chase down young boys, abuse them and then murder them in the name of fun.

Jason, 11 years old of Belmont told us of his haunting experience on this controversial game: “I bought the game because I had heard from friends it was fun. I turned it on and the first thing I see is three naked men running towards me! They starting yelling swear words and calling me a ‘twelvie’, shoved their penises in my face and then beat me to death with a rock.” This experience has had a lasting impression on Jason, “I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat having dreamt being beat to death by old naked men.”

We interviewed an older player, who wanted to remain anonymous, about his techniques on luring young boys. “I build a house that is a trap and when a twelvie unknowingly comes across it he falls through the roof onto spikes. I then go inside, abuse him and shoot him if he isn’t already dead from the spikes.” Our repulsed interviewer then asked him “Don’t you know those are children you are abusing?” He replied “Who gives a f**k?” and then laughed. Our interviewer was unable to continue the interview.

We asked Double View resident Benjamin Wilburn, 68, his opinion on the trend of computer “games”. “This is most disgusting thing I have ever heard. When I was a young man I never went around abusing children and then murdering them! Back then we had mates round and had barbecues, I said to my wife the other day the computer is a plague, with Facebook and Google all contributing to the lack of morals kids these days have. I wish Australia would wake up and ban these evil influences on the young of today.”"

Posted with this picture;

This may or may not be a fake article trying to get attention, but holy shit are they this retarded enough to call it a pedophile simulator without acctually knowing the baseline of the game itself?

– Just realised someone posted this before me, I think this one shows a bit more without clicking on shit.

1 - this was already posted in here :

2 - It’s a fake facebook account and its not the real today tonight.