Australian Zombie RP Server

Some friends and I have hired a server, and as we are fellow zombie mashers, we have set DarkRP to a more zombie inclined theme.

I encourage any Aussies (or anyone at all) out there keen for some RP zombie killing to come along and join the role play- we are trying to make this generally survival, but with a good amount of zombie killing too.

I am aiming to build up several regulars to actively give requests and ideas to better the server.

Some modifications I am thinking of including new zombie models to better represent 28 days later, L4D etc, definitely new classes, large noded themed maps and more.

At the moment it is running omgcity night and csdesert night.
The server is

See you there.

Finally something australian.

I suppose it is NOT a serious RP server if you use DarkRP?

Define serious.
The new DarkRP has certain variables that can make it quite restrictive.

But i understand if they are still prone to some killing.

The aim to this “Serious Zombie RP” would mean close to real life, and modeling that… It would need some tinkering. Any suggestions on what you would like to see?

This looks promising…

Expect me to come.