Australians At War models (custom ArmA 2)

They’re community-made, so far as I can imagine BIS won’t get on anyone’s case about it:

They look like this:

…which is pretty much spot on.

Anyone who can port these well (as in, with all the proper maps and so they look the same in Source as they do in ArmA 2) will earn my everlasting gratitude.

Okay, let’s try a different strategy. From what I see, FP will give its collective left nut just to get the next super-tacticool PMC operators ported from X overrated twitch shooter, caring more about how cool shit looks than how much sense it makes.

These are way better-made, they’re accurate to the real deal, they look really nice, and they come with A SHITLOAD of permutations (no helmet, bush hat, helmet, helmet/NVG, no vest, webbing, vest, etc. - even right down to which version of the flag they wear on their sleeve).

Surely someone would be interested in porting these?

Like I’ve said before, the problem isn’t what the people want, the problem is who reads the request section. And it’s seems that only few porters/modelers check out the section every once in a while if they’re not busy. And that’s why I think people should try to ask around and contact them straight on instead of posting a topic in to this bottomless pit.

Don’t forget Operation Halfmoon.
They got loads of Chinese weapons, which are rare.

This is all the way down the bottom of page 2, while page 1 is swamped with requests for sexpose models, anime characters, and samey hacks? Are you guys fucking serious?

Is there really nobody within this section who has the ability to port from ArmA 2? I don’t know anyone who does, so I can’t really go PMing them, unfortunately.

This place fucking depresses me sometimes. No, scratch that. Often.

I don’t think Bohemia Interactive will let you do this. Ddok was showing off some weapons from the game and he posted an email of BI telling him to not put up links to their models.

As I already stated, they are not BIS content. All content in the AAW packs was made by the AAW team, and as far as I know they didn’t even cannibalise existing models to do so like a lot of mod teams do.

Oh wow, actual game developers telling someone not to port their models in to fucking Gmod? That’s pretty lame.

It’s happened before, a few mod teams have done it too

Few months ago, I asked for the Arma2 weapons.
But, my request was rejected because of this reason.

If you get permission from AlexVestin, you might be able to get someone to do an Auscam re-skin of his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Operators
worth a try.

Not really, because they’re entirely wrong in terms of uniform and equipment

(I’m actually in the Army so I’d rather see it properly done with the recognisably Australian gear than just another DPCU reskin)