Austrian Forces Advacing in Close Quaters

Bleh to the title. I edited this, took about 7 hours.
Oh and by the way, get mega jealous of that wonderful AUGA1 model doesn’t get released till friday. It comes in like 5 flavors. And I will show off each one.

Please post and stuff.


I want Babys from you, its the EKO Cobra 8)

Damn you and your sexy guns.

Even if it was pink, this gun could not be more gay. This is what I imagine The Fab 5 would carry.

The Steyr AUG is so easy to find xD
Ant its the standart Austrian Gun, which is used at Police, Cobra & the Austrian Army

Yea well your’re ugly.

Haha, you know thats not true. You want my body!

As far as you know, that’s all I want.

Goddammit! Friday?!?!?!?

Finger + Glock thingy.
But I love the AUG. Good posing and editing :v:

hey is that the glock from RS:V?
nice screenshot I don’t really like the AUG

Yes, it is.

Psh, forget you. The Steyr Aug A1 is awesome.

Holy dicks great job love the lighting and everything about it great angel, really puts you in the action, to me the lighting on the gun looks ultra sexy with the shiny part and the film grain…looks like and action movie :smiley: great job all around…

How do you get that kinda of lighting?

Posing is good, otherwise awesome


Can we call them Irish soldiers instead? They could be, looking at the equipment.

Its the AUSTRIAN Steyr AUG & the AUSTRIAN Glock 18 & the AUSTRIAN Cobra

Sorry. The Irish do use AUGs and Glocks though you know…