'Authenticating with steam' error across all servers

Players who have tried to connect to any gmod server within the last hour have found themselves stuck on ‘authenticating with steam’, whereas players who connected around an hour before did not get the same issue. I believe due to this, this is a very recent issue yet it’s somewhat widespread, hence why I felt the need to post about it.

Feel free to say if you’re having this same issue or if you know of any fix/workaround.

Seems to be a problem for only some (most) players, but my player are experiencing the same.

Ah, thanks for the clarification, I thought it was an issue that only started somewhat recently which caused every player to run into the issue, but you might be right, it could just be affecting a limited amount of players. Whatever the cause/reason, it’s annoying.

I’m getting this aswell.

same waiting for FIx.

It’s probably some outage Valve is having with the Steam servers.

Hi, i’m also having this issue but i found some wierd things about it. there’s this one server “metaconstruct” that i can join but it’s too cringy and wierd i’d rather get assfu*ked than joining that, and i can join servers that nobody are on but if there’s one or more players on the server i can’t join.

I cringe when I see the Gmod discussion page looking like this…

Fixed now.

Typical people who think that whatever they did solved the issue, though they just got lucky and got authenticated.
People try the most weird shit in these scenarios.
“I DELETED ALL MY GAMES AND THEN I COULD JOIN” or something like that :v:

I have found that the most typical reply on the workshop when things like this happen or after a gmod update and no one can join there favourite MLP/DarkRP server because the owner hasn’t updated yet is:


Not for me. I’m still getting it frequently.

I am getting this. I got a VAC connection problem right before it started happening. I can only join servers that are completely empty.

Our forum shoutbox is now full of people whining about the Steam problem, don’t you just love DarkRP?

ah fuck

A lot of my players are reporting this aswell

Time to cry myself to sleep

ditto, almost none of our players can join and those that can have to wait for about 10 minutes, however this only seems to be happening for one of 4 servers regardless of its uptime
all similarly configured

You mean Taco n Banana?

well at least some good has come from this bug

Broken again…

This seems to be an issue with Steam. I’ve seen quite a few games hitting similar issues over the last two days including Rust.

After the whole authentication thing was added to gmod, is it possible to disable it? I remember this coming up in the past when it was first implemented.

Aaand it’s back up again. This has happened 3 days in a row now around the same time/duration.

Seems to happen with Rust too, what the fuck is this shit?