AuthFailure US Central 4

Unable to login to primary server US Central 4 due to AuthFailure.

Have restarted/relogged steam several times as well as run the check verify utility in steam.

Able to connect to other official and unofficial servers.

same issue. troubleshooting atm. appears to be on their end though

As of right now this is still a issue.

Stable branch fyi.

same here
sick of being left in the dark


This was over 12 hours ago. I am still unable to play and see that the steam forums as well as this one are busy with this same issue.

Can someone please post as to when this will be resolved? I understand a game still in active development but to offer it as a playable as-is game, it should at the very least have a issue like this of high priority.

Steam forums regarding rust? or other games

I have yet to experience this issue, but from what I’ve seen sometimes it helps to restart steam, and sometimes it’s no help at all doing that.

I’m taking it to the next level - reinstalling steam completely. 5 page thread

And so on, all opene around the same time as people on this forum.

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Its a issue with their login system not the game.

This is still a issue, Unable to login to Central 4 (auth failure)

I posted a update here 3 hours ago

I understand that some are now successfully authenticating and perhaps some of the servers restarted however I can not play on ANY server.

This is going on for almost a full 24 hours for me personally. This issue started to escalate yesterday however ignored until it became out of control today.


I have tried several servers including east,ceneral and euro.

Server times out on loading screen for about 1 minute and gives WaitedLimbo. Reauthorizing with them gives a instant AuthFail. This is a escalation from yesterday where as we could play on all but the primary server users connect.

Most servers in my history I can start seing a slight reduction in userbase. I think some who are able to get in are probably being declined after playing. This rapid degradation of the service authenticating users probably should have been scripted to warn of a event like this.