Authorizer no need in rust

Hello. I propose to remove the authorizer, as they interfere conduct a full raid.

if u2 want to remove Authorizer , pls support me on reddit

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He’s talking about the cabinets.

He wants to remove cabinets?

I think the general gist is “Get rid of cabinets, I can’t win”

just that not realy
remember old rust

old rust was shit

i dont think so’
hi is so funny

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i am playing in old rust over 600 hours , i think i know more

I have no idea what’s going on in this thread, but I’ll take a stab at it.

Pretty much everyone is in agreement that the tool cupboard, with its magical construction-blocking abilities, needs to go. It’s a stopgap measure until something better can be worked out and I believe it was always intended to be temporary.

However, keep in mind that if you want to talk about “unrealistic” or “impossible” things, Rust lets you carry around enough lumber to make a multi-story 3x5 house, then lets you build said house in a matter of minutes realtime (maybe an hour gametime). You can also magically turn a wall from twigs to armor just by waving a hammer at it. And did I mention that you can construct timed explosive charges out of firewood, rocks, and animal carcasses? Or that when you want to break into a house, the easiest way is to literally smash down a wall instead of picking a lock or taking out window bars? Or that you can kill a bear by stabbing it 3x with a pointy stick?

The tool cupboard is one of those things that I agree needs to go, but that I just can’t get that worked up over. The value it adds to gameplay (so that people no longer have to build those laughable pillar fields from legacy) outweighs any argument about how “realistic” it is. When something better comes along, or when Garry decides it’s time, it will go away. Until then, tool cupboards do not prevent raiding, they just require you to employ the most basic strategy.

and with this is authorizer, guys build “fly house”

Ambassador, with this authorizer you are spoiling us!

Sorry everybody, I tried.

I have no idea.

No cupboard = super easy raid towers = no point investing time in your base

In legacy it need skill to build a good raidproof house and there was no Tool-cupboard. You need your brain to build a good house without your shitty cupboard. Cupboard = Lazy and brainless buildings


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Guys what u think about write to reddit for delete this is **** cupboard ?

They shouldn’t remove them, I played old rust about 1000hours , I know more !

Okay, well I played new rust for 1000 hours, and new rust hours are worth double old rust hours, so that is equivalent to 2000 old rust hours, I know more!

Cabinets should stay in game, but you should not be able to build on rocks. Bases on rocks with cabients in are unradable. Or teach me how to do so.

sif the tool cupboard needs to go. So easy to raid now it’s not funny. Rocket Launcher changed all that.

my hours are “worther” so please stop …

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teach me how to dougie, teach me ,teach me how to dougie
you have rocket launchers now, just shoot them with that or build a tower and jump on the building if you can then c4 it