Auto admin

Hello people of the internet

I am new to the server hosting world and i see alot of servers use a system that when players buy admin on their servers they get it almost instantly on the servers

I am wondering how this is done :slight_smile:

In a short “How can i make it when people pay for admin they get it in my server without me having to do it manually”


To my knowledge no one has released any code that does what you are asking.
I don’t think there are alot of servers doing this. It is not an easy thing like you think it is.
Depending on how you go about it you are dealing with different programming languages, APIs, and databases.
Think about it… you have to access something like paypal through their API… that access is probably done in PHP… then you have to write the data somewhere or directly to a database… then you have write lua on the server to grab that information.
It is a lot of work. There are two problems that arise from this.
1.) the person writing the code probably doesn’t want to give that code out publicaly since they spent so much time on it. So you either need to find a coder and/or pay big money.
2.) the code would be customized to that server. would you be using the same admin mod that server uses? did they code it nicely so it grabs the paypal info from a config or is it just hardcoded? are they using a database? and if so what type and can you set one up?

tl;dr you are SOL. stop making duplicate threads and posts about this. it isn’t going to happen. put in the admin manualy like most servers do.

I made the Lua side of this it took me about two hours, its not hard. I never wrote the other end though.

The other end is easy too- Paypal’s sandbox website gives you a complete example you just have to modify. The only thing between is databasing

Didn’t know Paypal made it that easy, I already made the database stuff I guess I will finish that code then, Thanks.

So could anyone please help me ?

Im not amazing with coding thats why im asking

Why should we make you something that you are going to use to make money?

You would also need a MySQL server to put the admin data on. Like their rank the time from epoch they have their rank untill.

I hate servers that allow you to purchase admin…
Let’s all just go buy admin then ban everyone on the server!
Admin should be earned, not bought; that is how your server’s reputation is ruined.

get gforum and modify it to update the usergroup based on their forum account, i use smf with their subscription system, and gforum.

When you say not amazing with coding, can you go in to a little more detail.

I do the same on my servers (only you can’t buy admin, that is a horrible idea). First you’d need a payment method (PayPal, Google checkout, etc.)
Then you need to learn how to use the API for that method. PayPal’s is pretty horrible, but it works. Then make a PHP script to enter data (such as SteamID, transaction token, email, etc.) into a database, and another script for when the PayPal process is complete to grab the data (token). Grab the data from PayPal, perform the payment process, and then mark the transaction as complete. In game, you’d need to connect to the database, lookup the SteamID and check for a completed transaction.

It’s not really something someone can write a script for you for, and no one here probably has time to explain it fully, but lookup PHP, databases and the PayPal API. Oh and you probably need a premium PayPal account, too.
I’m fairly experienced with PHP, and even this took me a while. If you’re not “that great” at scripting, you should probably look into other methods (or be prepared to spend a while coding it)

I mean im quite new :slight_smile:

Your still not going into great detail, what programming language you are new with? You will need to know how to program in php, lua and mysql so I would start looking for tutorials on Google.

We’re actually doing just fine and our server’s reputation is still quite good. We’ve been doing this for two years now.