Auto-Disconnect problem please help if you know how to fix.

Hello, So i’m having this problem with garry’s mod where every single server i join takes a long time to load in and then right when i get in it says something like “Connection problems auto disconnect in x amount of seconds” in the top right corner in red. Now it’s not my internet, i know that for a fact because every other game i own works just fine online and stuff such as left 4 dead 2 and dayz and stuff. So if someone know’s a fix please please let me know. Thanks.

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And i already tried veryfing integrity of game cache on steam aswell.

This used to happen to me a lot of the time when I first join a server.

However, when I rejoin the server, it works perfectly fine.


cl_timeout 3600

to your autoexec.cfg file located in garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg ( create it if it doesn’t exist ); This will prevent you from timing out for 3600 seconds instead of 30, so if the server does respond some-time after the 30 seconds is up then you’re in luck.

The reason you’re timing out could be the server is sending a lot of data and locks up and doesn’t respond telling the client that the server is still there ( limited to 20kb/sec in communication, easy to fill that up ). You could also be having an issue where the server is pre-spawning you in an area where a lot of clients are talking while you’re joining. Or could be other issues.

Re-verify TF2 files as well as GMod and show us your config file. You may have some packet issue. You could try also adding this to the autoexec.cfg:

rate 1048576
cl_updaterate 100
cl_cmdrate 100