Auto Disconnect when loading into servers.

Hey there.

I’ve been experiencing this issue for a while now. Either when I start to send Client info, or when I load in, I get the “Timed out” message or “WARNING: Auto Disconnect” message. I don’t think it’s my internet. I have about 66 Addons, and this issue started a few months back maybe. I’ll post a speed test result and my PC Specs.

Sometimes, if I continue to join the server multiple times after a time out, I can load in. But that’s getting annoying, and it rarely works now. Can anyone help me out?

Thank you!


I completely reinstalled Steam and Garry’s Mod, and re-subscribed to my addons, except for TDM cars. I was successfully able to load in to my server. I subbed to a small amount of addons at a time, and loaded in to Single Player, and counted how long each load session takes. TDM Cars are next. I’ll test out later if TDM Cars is the issue.