Auto EAC banned on rust

Hello best reader

I am getting banned automaticly on Rust i bought the game 2 times on different accounts and still got the problem i have never hacked on this game u can look on my steam profile:
My IP isnt banned because if i try to go on rust with a proxy it still doesnt work too reinstalled EAC 5 times restarted my computer Steam etc i have played Rust Legacy really much and if i play that im not banned its really weird
EasyAntiCheat is not messaging me back… already waiting 1 week still no answer 3 messages please help me i hope i hear it fast

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Some cheats do not cleanly uninstall - if EAC is banning you on new accounts traces of the cheat are still present on your computer, it may take a reinstall of Windows to get rid of it

really… thats bad…:confused: but thanks for the information

How is that bad? You said you never cheated (atleast in rust).

If you’ve never hacked, why am I getting strikes whenever I look for your profile ID in certain Gmod databases? and reason for ban is hacks…

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[editline]30th April 2016[/editline] His steam ID is linked…

[editline]30th April 2016[/editline] He added a following to the hack post.

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His friend bosneger on source ban They’re both playing rust together… along with a RUSTDB ban for speedhack for striker about one year ago

c’mon guys, i think it’s fair to assume most people who say “i never hacked” mean “i don’t want to admit to hacking since it would confirm my ban”, lol.


Dear community,


I’m a newbie. I played 2 times 2 days ago.
Today when i attempt to play on any server after trying to connect for a while it chucks me out and gives me this “Disconnected: EAC: EAC Disconnected”.

What’s the problem
Please help me

thx Nixx

(User was banned for this post ("Don't post your question in an unrelated thread" - Novangel))

Any development on this?

does the EAC people already have been looking for my ban?


Your Steam account has been banned on 8th August 2015.

As i expected