auto execute settings?


My server is currently using Oxide. I was wondering if there is a way I can add rcon commands to a certain config file so I don’t have to continue typing commands everytime I restart the server.

Commands I want to auto exec:

crafting.timescale “0”
env.timescale “0”
env.time “11”
falldamage.enabled false

Thank you.


I just simply type the commands into that cfg file and it will know to activate them?

every time you restart your server they will be executed

i see that crafting.timescale and falldamage.enabled false and env.time “11” all loaded, but env.timescale “0” did not? Any idea why that one wouldn’t?

maybe the command is not working or does not affect anything

if i type it via manually in console it works right

well then i dont know