Auto-execution, a beginners question

I know very little about lua, but so far have been able to write a script to strip all of my players weapons and execute it from inside my game. Is there a way to have this script auto-execute on startup so that each time the map loads it will strip my character of weapons without me having to go through the dev. console?

The same goes for my third person camera perspective, I can enter it manually from within the game but is there a way to have it start that way? Thanks in advance to anyone able to give me some help. I have a variety of other questions that may come down to lua at some point but for the time being I hope to keep as much of it as possible within the confines of the map editor.

EDIT - Also, camera angles: If I wanted to trigger a quick camera change which would show the player their character from a front on view for a second or two before snapping back to third person, would this have to be accomplished in lua? Or are there simpler ways to do this from within the editor itself? The skin colour of the character is important and from third person perspective it’s not particularly obvious, so any camera trick which would get players looking at their characters briefly would be perfect.

Many thanks in advance for your help and advice.

folder: lua/autorun

As for the camera: **[Gamemode.CalcView](**

Thanks for the link to the wiki page, but it’s beyond my understanding of implementation I wouldnt know where to start. If I were able though, would using this allow me to play through the game with say a close over the shoulder perspective? That would serve the same purpose as a temporary camera angle trick for me.

As for the autorun function, there’s currently no autorun folder inside my lua pathway, creating one and adding my loadout to it doesnt appear to have the desired effect. ie the weapons are still there when I run the map and I have to execute my loadout manually. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the response.

DL’d an OTS camera script which works well for me. But im still having basic issues with my lua folders. creating an autorun folder inside lua and placing my working script inside it has no effect on game startup, any idea what I’m doing wrong?