Auto extract workshop content for servers

The workshop really is a nice feature to save lots of downloading content manually. However, when it comes to server related files you still have to extract all the content and place them manually in your server folders.

For example:
I made a new workshop collection and authkey, added a player model, started the server. The server downloads and mounts the content (not extracting). then I have to manually add the resource.AddWorkshop() into the server configuration. That’s all not a big deal.

But when you’ve got something like a pointshop, you have to locate your model and paste the file directory in the luafile. I tried locating the model, but it wasnt there.
My server is running on Windows 2008 R2. I tried using the GMAD extractor on the server, without success.

So here’s my suggestion.
When you add +host_workshop_collection in your batchfile. can you add a command such as -autoextract or anything that will extract all workshop contents into the corresponding folder. This saves a lot of time by downloading the workshop from the FTP, extract it through GMAD extractor and uploading them into the file again. It will greatly reduce the time it takes to configure your server.

You do realise this isn’t a place to post your suggestions?

Dumb idea anyway, it will slow down the server loading times.

I tried extracting all addons ( to remove Lua from a few ); it increases auto-refresh times exponentially in addition to increasing load-times.

I had to fall-back to them in gma, except for the select few that I don’t want the Lua running from.

Seems I’ve been a bit unclear. It’s not for clients, but when you add workshop content to your collection, it doesnt extract into your server files, meaning I have to spend extra time, downloading, extracting and adding all folders into the server files. So it goes as followed:

You start your server, server mounts the addons, if a new pack has been added, the server automatically mounts & extracts the gma files into the folders, then you can work from there.

From that point you can edit w/e you need to edit.

Seems you don’t know, but srcds have to load too, you know, changelevels and startups. And extracting isn’t the fastest process anyway. It’s not worth to do this for this one guy who needs it. If you are going to develop on your server, you are going to extract it manually. No need to force slowness for everybody.

Here’s an easy way to do it:

Step 1) Download this program

Step 2) Put the program in your Steam Directory

Step 3) Right click a .GMA file and choose OPEN-WITH

Step 4) Locate the program, and choose to always open with that file.

Step 5) Double click each gma file, the exe will extract to the directory which the GMA is in. So the exe and gma can be in different directories. So all the GMAs in your addons/ folder, just double click them as fast as you can, then wait for it to extract.

Let me NOTE something. This is VERY VERY DUMB. It will increase loading times on your server exponentially. GMAs load so much faster, it’s insane. Don’t extract the files unless absolutely necessary ( such as deleting the Lua files to prevent them from loading - in only a few addons ). Your server will take longer to start. It’ll take longer to changelevel. It’ll just be slower all around.

Does that mean it’s probably a better idea to mount some of these popular vehicle/car packs through the workshop rather than an svn method? I haven’t tested the difference between these two methods so I’m not sure which is more efficient but I am curious to know so I choose the right option in the future.

It depends on how many files are extracted. I haven’t done enough testing to be sure if it’s based on each individual addon, or the file count…

I run 3 svns, 5 extracted addons and about 40 ish non-extracted and it’s fast with loading.

TDM Svn, Sgt. Sickness SVN, Master Chris SVN, m9k weapons ( extracted to remove all Lua files which he’s got around 500 Lua files for his 4 addons - I use my weapon base ), Beretta ( extracted to remove Lua ), and a whole pile of prop / model / car addons.

If TDM had all of his cars on the Workshop, I’d totally use that, but he doesn’t like the workshop for the reason that it’s a pain to update each workshop addon when there is an update. There needs to be a dramatic size increase for workshop uploads for it to work well. From 64mb to at least 512mb…