Auto Holstering

Basically, Whenever your about to change weapons, Your v_model will do the holstering animation.

This was just a peice of code i wrote from scratch to help Rushz0rz, But i decided to release it.

Hope you enjoy.

I’m guessing it’s client side, and for people who play online all the time.


21 of September? Where are you?

Holy Sh!t!!! Downloading…

This seems to work with HL2 weapons only (probably 'cause other Source games don’t have holster animations). I guess it’s good for a fancy effect of putting your gun away while shuffling through others, but eh.

A request script is a request script. :v:

He could always change the viewmodel position for ones that aren’t HL2.

I’m quite sure TacoScript 2 has this… While TacoScript 1 hides it.

Using it atm. Works fine

Well there’s only 1 problem, and that is when you scroll forward/backwards on the mouse while holding physgun and keeping a prop on your beam, (i don’t know something like that) the gun will holster.Guess you could disable the holstering for the physgun?

Anyways, nice job as always.