Auto kicker

i was told to post here for this.
Ok im going to get strait to the point i would really appreciate some help with what i think is ulx idle kicker, it kicks each client after playing for 1200 seconds, also we added crate tool to the server, but, we cannot use crate tool on spawned guns or touch garage door buttons if anyone can fix these problems, if you could post how to fix them amazingly appreciated.
Many Thanks,


Why would you want to kick people after 20 minutes?

no i do not it automatically does it i am trying to remove it
i jsut dont know where to locate the specific file i need to edit

so you want to stop it auto kicking after 1200 seconds?

yes it would be nice if someone would tell me where to go to turn it off

problem solved it was in ASSmod plugins if anyone is wondering

your server has a built in idle kick function stupid

I hope you know what you’re talking about, because I don’t know what your talking about. I seriously hope you are not talking about the server default without any server modifications… Before you disrespect someone by calling them an idiot, make sure your reasoning is actually correct.

Jasua_w I’m glad you found a solution to your problem. Your more than welcome to PM me with any other server problems you have for I am pretty savvy when it comes to servers.

P.S. For some reason the moderators don’t like signing your posts (as in putting your name at the end of it), fair warning

Go make a server. Don’t install ANY mods. Join it. Don’t sign into RCon or anything just leave, come back in an hour, see what happens.

also, put

sv_timeout 65

somewhere in your config.

How’d that work out, hmm?

there is an assmod plugin idle kicker i removed it problem solved your the idiot sir

That’s funny because I had happened to go to bed the other day while leaving my server up. Woke up, oh my god I was still there!

Shut up people, he said he solved it!!!

Look at my post.
Look at yours.

See the problem?

Stop talking, you aren’t making any sense anymore. You quoted my post, and quoted “My” and told me to differentiate the the two from each other and it didn’t make any sense. If your implying that my game isn’t un-modified from when I downloaded it then you really need to realize who your talking to. I read that portion in your post and I think I can reserve enough brainpower to figure that one out. Zorgoth64 is right, he solved his problem but it wasn’t due to changing server settings but by removing a plugin just to make that clear.

P.S. Nice unnecessary double post which did nothing but provoke a flame war.

#1 it was ** YOURS **
#2 You most likely signed into rcon. That no-shittedly disabled it, as well as having admin
#3 you’re a retard and didn’t have sv_timeout somewhere in your server.cfg

Inb4 ban.

By reading through your other posts, it’s pretty clear you are trying to talk about stuff that you don’t have a basic understanding of. Please. Just leave.

Why do you go from raging to :350: in like 5 minutes? you are nice on my thread then you flame on other threads

You didn’t flame on your thread. You flamed on others.

l ooo l w w uuu tt ?

I’m not flaming. You interpret everything as flaming.