Auto-reconnect script

Hey guys,
So im trying to get play time on a server but it resets every so often. So i wanted to know if there was i script that i could use to attempt to auto-reconnect every 5 or so seconds whenever i DC.
Help is appreciated,

Cl_Timeout is default 30, so if a user disconnects they will timeout after 30 seconds. You can edit the retrytime in the script, but I would keep it around 25 maybe a bit higher. I’ve also modified this version so it only displays the popup once the countdown reaches 20 otherwise it will pop up when server changes map briefly. Credit to Flapadar, Leystryku,Agentmass and Eccid.

Thanks, i have very little experience with scripting in lua, so how would i use this with the ip:

thanks again,

EDIT: also, after looking through the code, how could i change the default auto-disconnect time since on the server im playing on is set for about 3000 seconds?

I really hope they have an Anti-Script so you get a perm…

People don’t work hard on servers for smartasses idiots like you get on the server, gather playtime using an script, instead of playing and knowing the commuity and playing fairly like others.

the server i intend on using this script with encourages going afk to get play time, but nice bait though