Auto-Retry or Queue System

The official servers are generally at or near capacity and as characters/items are server bound, it is necessary to always play the same server, if you wish to progress.

I would like to see a system where you can join a queue or have the browser retry joining the selected server every few minutes. I have found that clicking manually, after a few attempts on the same server, I get disconnected from the game and cannot continue trying to join the server. (Instead of receiving the “TooManyConnectedPlayers” message, I get a “ConnectionFailed” message. I assume this is to stop people spamming the servers with requests)

A queue system would be the fairest way to do it. If implemented, I would like to know how many other players are in the queue and what position I am in said queue.


Decent idea. I think you’ll see a lot of people saying “shut the fuck up” and “move on” instead of inputting decent thought into this.

I agree with your idea. A server que prioritization for players who wish to connect to that server only would be a great feature and would attract more people knowing that people can wait in line to play with their friends. Granted most people play for hours and then leave, but this isn’t the case with every single person, so it works.


+1 They may be planning on doing this as it is a good idea. There are numerous other things that I believe would be priority in front of this but it is a great idea.