Auto running serverside console commands once every map change/startup

What the title says. I need a list of commands to run once every time the server starts up or the map is changed. In this case it’s for the Atmos weather mod:

atmos_weather_chance 100
atmos_weather_length 3600
atmos_dnc_length 3600
atmos_dnc_settime 1

I would also need these to run in order.

I tried putting them in the server.cfg, and I tried putting a timer in a lua file in lua/autorun. The timer was probably wrong, as I do not know how to use lua at all even if a tutorial is sitting in front of me.

Here’s the attempt at a timer:

game.ConsoleCommand(“atmos_weather_chance”, “100”)
game.ConsoleCommand(“atmos_weather_length”, “3600”)
game.ConsoleCommand(“atmos_dnc_length”, “3600”)
game.ConsoleCommand(“atmos_dnc_settime”, “1”)

So what would I actually need to do this, and where would I put it?

game.ConsoleCommand only takes a single string argument, and needs a new line at the end
[lua]game.ConsoleCommand("atmos_weather_chance 100

I believe you would want to hook into ‘Initialize’.
timer.Simple works a little better for something like this as well. This timer will only run once and then stop.

hook.Add( "Initialize", "AtmosWeatherCvars", function()
	timer.Simple(3, function()
		game.ConsoleCommand("atmos_weather_chance 100
		game.ConsoleCommand("atmos_weather_length 360
		game.ConsoleCommand("atmos_dnc_length 3600
		game.ConsoleCommand("atmos_dnc_settime 1

No promises it was done in browser and I’m not the coldest beer in the fridge.