Auto Server 1.3!

Auto Server 1.3


I know what your thinking… “This guy posted his auto server thing before and it totally flopped! What makes this one so much better and why bother release it?” Well good question and good point! I admit the last version of Auto Server was met with a kick in the balls. And not many people wanted it because it was sloppy and rough around the edges. But the new version is out! and I’m positive you will love it!


This new version of auto server has vastly more features and improvements! here are just some of them.

-Twice the amount of servers to choose from!

-All of your settings will now be saved!

-Entry’s for your steam username (Required game purchase for severs such as Arma 3)

-Personal welcome messages!

-Custom color fields!

-And finally ASUS! Our update notification and downloading server! (Receive the latest version without having to come here to get it from here.)

What is it?

Auto server is a software used to automate the steam cmd server downloading and installing process. It presents you with an easy to use interface and customization area. Once a server is installed you have the choice to either browse the files straight from the software or update your server to any new version.

Instructions for certain servers:

If you are wanting to install servers such as Arma3, 7Days to die, or Starbound you must go into your settings and find the button with that server name on it. In order to install these servers steam must verify that you own those games to allow a successful install. Enter your steam username if you own any of those games and click save. Then install the server. You will be prompted to enter your steam password in the console window. After you have completed these steps your server will be installed.


Os: Windows xp and above, Mac and Linux in beta


-We are currently compiling our third group of servers that will be placed under the “Extra” category.



-UPDATE! Visual remodel! (No one likes windows 95 for a reason)

-UPDATE! Batch file cleanup! (Get all those batch files out of sight)

-UPDATE! A.S.U.S has been integrated with Auto Server! (Check to see when a new update is out!)

-UPDATE! A.S.U.S is now capable of sending you the latest version of the software! (Download and install updates straight from the software.) Updates will be saved to the updates folder.

-UPDATE! Added the ability to select a personal directory fro server installs! (No more C drive!)

-UPDATE! Completely remodeled entire UI! (Looks beautiful!)


Just a suggestion, but you don’t have to re-make the thread each time. Just use a title without a version number and edit the first post when you update it (and obviously reply so we know.) That way we won’t have to find the new thread when you do.

That’s got to be one of the ugliest GUIs I’ve ever seen. Why magenta?

Can you at least update the UI a bit? It’s hurting my eyes. Other than that nice job.

It’s purple. And it can all be changed to the users liking.

While not really required I recommend you learn how to create good looking GUIs because that’s just ugly.

Actually that color is violet

I’m sorry you view it that way

Why are you using postimg to host your images. They suck.

Why not? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

would have been nice if you actually told us what it does.

imgur is generally nicer, loads faster for a lot of people, it’s kinda just a de facto standard - in this thread i’d say they’re fine though

i guess he forgot it in this thread and left it out but lets be honest it’s pretty obvious just by looking at it

If you’re going to release the source to something be sure to comment the code thoroughly. Also you should start using more descriptive variable names in your code, as well as splitting the code up into seperate classes/files. You can also get rid of lots of duplicate code by creating your own functions that will create the button/object with the given arguments and return it. Alsoandalso (there’s too many alsos in this post) alien is spelt ‘alien’ not ‘alian’.

There’s no reason to delete the sourcecode link and pretend like its not available. Instead of hiding the issues so people don’t critique you, you should take the advice given and apply it.

Re-uploaded source code

Ehh not to be a jerk or anything but isn’t there this too? Not saying this is bad or anything. Expect the UI

That is different. Auto server is just for server downloads and updates. Not for running them.

And to anyone that says the UI is bad…I know it looks like windows 95 but Python is a limited language. Sorry

learn something better then. Visual Basic is a good start for making form applications

Python isn’t the issue, it’s your choice of colors and the layout. I don’t have a sense for graphic design myself so I can’t say I’ve done better, but purple isn’t a good background color. Also I can see Tkinter being somewhat limiting, try pygtk instead.

The ttk library is built in if you’re using Tkinter. Allows for modern Windows styles.

Alright Im working on a GUI update. Do you guys disapprove of the button and label structure or just the fact it looks like windows 95?

Use some padding here at least, and don’t make width of the text-field the same as the width of the program.