Auto Slay based on previous map coordinates


Objective: Create a script to auto slay a player if they enter an area they were previously within a predetermined time limit.

Use: This would be used for Dark RP and auto NLR enforcement in case admins aren’t available.

I have done some lua scripting in the past and I have kind of whiteboarded this thing out but before I started diving into it I wanted to ask the more experienced coders if it was possible. If not then I won’t invest my time in it.

Thank you

certainly seems possible, you just have to calculate the distance from a certain area, and then run a check every few seconds or so (client side of course, to save resources).

Next time do us a favour and search the forum(To make sure what you want doesn’t exist first) before making a thread.!

This is not what he asked for at all.

Seems pretty accurate.

You sir are dumb.

He wants something to stop NLR being broken.
You give him an exploit blocker.

You’re dumb, not me.

I’m trying to get the point across to him to say no one is going to code it for him.

Uh, I would if he’d give a little more info.

What evens will tell the script to run, should an admin select a player and his current position or what?

should really be a simple funhction–heres a start

function GM:PlayerDeath {
&npsb;//get the player's position
&npsb;//Respawn the player
&npsb;//Set a timer
&npsb;//set a loop checjing if he goes within a certan distance of where he died every few seconds.


I already scripted this for him in his second thread.

Do not call me dumb when you think that you need to give someone false information just to prove that no one will do it.

When people clearly will do it, like me.

Are you still crying over this, When it was 3 days ago, Grow up!

Totally pro Lua code keep it up.

you have about half a line of valid lua