Auto Spawning Props in a map...

I did some searches and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for… but anyways

My question is how can I have props spawn in a map at a specific location ? Say if i want to add a custom space station to the sb_gooniverse map ?

Please help and thanks for your responses. =)

Sounds like you’d need Lua.

point_template or something to that effect

You’ve clearly never played on any of the original GMOD maps. :3

“If I wanted to spawn a custom space station to sb_gooniverse”.

He’s talking about modifying existing maps Splurgy, and I’d assume without re-compiling.

Ugh, I’m a retard. Sorry, it’s been ages since I’ve even played GMOD and it seems to have affected my reading skills. :downs:
By the by, have they mastered spawning blocks in LUA? Last time I played, attempting any sort of block spawn just dumped you to desktop.

FPTje/Falco made this:

That should do it.