Auto Turret

I’ve been looking around the internet for an accurate (but not to an extreme) automatic turret. One that I can set to kill at a medium distance, like for protecting bases, but not killing everyone on the map. While I have found some, mostly on Youtube, there have not been any that I can download, or that work particularly well. Does anyone know where I can find one or if someone could make on? (specifically one that works shoots at all angles)

It’s very simple to make one with wire. You could use a ranger to specify the range. There are various tutorials on the internet on how to do this.

Have you got wiremod?
Try the tutorials on Garrysmod wiki. Thats how I learned.

I’ve tried all the tutorials, and yes I have wire. However, the ones I made never worked very well, and if I messed one thing up I’d have to reset a bunch of stuff, and I’m not just looking for wire built turrets, maybe a turret model that can be wired or something along those lines.

I once saw a Turret that was costomizable,so it could shoot with different things,different damage and range,I’m looking for it but cant find it anywhere,Sadface.


Found it:
<3 it in tha bedz0rs!