auto turrets

has anyone as an admin recently noticed that your turrets are not targeting anything i run modded server not using any turret type configs i just tried wiping to with no plugins on they dont seem to be even targeting animals anymore is there some new console command we need to do to enable admin turrets?

have’it tested one out yet, but maybe Facepunch would make adjustments to it yet?
like a selective fire or targeting selective targets: animals and foes players

not sure but as an admin when i placed down turrets they use to target animals everything not even targeting players atm i reinstalled my server just oxide on

Ya, they are not working. I have 3 in my house and they dont fire at anybody.

are u an admin

Why would being an admin make a difference? Turrets don’t work as per the three other threads. Report ingame via f7 also.

This is also linked to the fact animals don’t aggro or run away unless you hurt them.

yeah i can see there not working now but if u run modded server theres plugin u can get that make them ignore admins so was just making sure it wasnt an admin issue

There’s a serverpatch out to fix this bug, so just update yot servers. I did it and it fixed all the npc problems.