Auto Updater

I would like some help making an auto updater, i have a xampp server to host the files.
The reason is because i want to make an auto updater system my addons, that has a
auth system, so only people who have purchase a script from me will get a key that they put in a
config, and when their server starts the addon will contact the auth server and download
the files and run them.

There’s no way to auto-update your addon without using some very hacky means. That is, writing all of the code to data files and using RunString to execute it. I would still recommend just printing a message, though.

all you need is gm_fileio and a web server.

Would you use OP’s addon on your servers? An addon that requires a binary module capable of writing whatever files outside the data folder so it can fetch remote scripts and update itself? Would you use OP’s addon on your servers?

can you tell me how to use gm_fileio?


Yours is not the first addon on scriptfodder that would benefit from automatic updates, so this is not a problem you need to solve. What you should be asking is: how did other developers tackle this issue?

If you ask me, scriptfodder should provide buyers with an optional addon that would automatically update any updated purchases similar to how Package Control does it for Sublime Text.