Auto weight changer for wire mod!

i dont know how this whole request thing works but i was sitting at my comp downloading a map for g-mod and i was thinking of a way to make i “different” kind of air plain and i thought of wire things that i already had and then i thought of an automiatic wight changer, so that you wouldnt have to get out of your air plain to change the wight!, i wondering if there is a “developer guy” out there thats willing to creats something like this.

the idea is that you weld the changer to every prop on your plain that you might want to change the wight. the way to operate the changer would be a few buttons in the cock pit.

if there is already such a device then tell me or give me a link to if, but i think its a pritty good idea!!


Why change the weight of all props on the vehicle instead of just using a wired weight combined with an advanced pod controller and a increment/decrement gate or E2 ?

well im not that expirenced with the wire stuff, but a demontration would be cool, um the point of the wight change is to the rate of decent.

I agree, it would be really good to be able to use an auto wight changer.


is pretty close, but it is a prop that changes its own weight, not other props.

thanks man, but id really like to be able to have something that changes other props wight!

I’m sure it would be fairly easy to do with expression.