AutoCAD 2010 to model

Is it possible to use AutoCAD 2010 as a modeling program like blender, 3ds, etc.?
I’m curious becuase I’m taking a class on it and I could get the student trial version, but I don’t really want to get it unless I could do something constructive with it.

well it would be possible to export the models as .dwgs and import them into 3ds max. But it would probably be easier to just do the models in 3ds max or blender to begin with.

Well I’m sorta training with the program, so it would be easier for me than to learn how to use blender. Would I be able to just compile the model from blender then? or would I have to change it?

CAD and 3D modeling are different.

If I remember correctly there’s a 3D version of CAD. How else would people be able to draw vehicles, towns, etc.?

Autodesk does have a 3d modeling software, it’s called Inventor. Something tells me that the models it creates wouldn’t be compatible with source in any way, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

I’m just curoius if anybody had actually made a program addon to allow it to export for source, but it sounds like to me that I’ll have to download blender, export the model to blender, and compile it for source from there.