Autoclicker in Rust (Great for crafting)

I wonder if this is considered a cheat or the like. It’s one of the neat things you can do with simple things. Have a video

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If it’s “allowed” I will post a download link.

I really hope such stuff is not allowed. No third party tools.
Don’t you worry someone might consider to ban you?

Soon enough, you’ll be able to type the amount that you need. This is only temporary. Besides, he posted this video to ask if it was allowed, so it would be unfair to ban him.

It’s not a hack, it’s just exploiting the mouse’s clicking speed.

It’s not even an exploit, it’s just a program that simulated mouse clicks at an extremely fast speed.

Therefore exploiting the mouse, because you cannot do it otherwise. (Unless you masturbate frequently.)

Did otto get banned? Lol

It’s probably a temporary 24 hour ban. I had one for a questionable reason but yeah they’re temporary.

I wonder why he was banned…

As for the autoclicker, It probably is allowed. The only common sense things that you would think are not allowed in an alpha test would probably be exploits that would give too big of an advantage like a speedhack or somthing.

I am using a keyboard macro on my Logitech G110 to do this.

Reason that he was banned,

postal banned Confuzzed Otto for 12 Hours in League of Legends Riot Points with the reason “report don’t reply”

postal banned Confuzzed Otto for 1 Day in League of Legends Riot Points with the reason “report don’t reply”

This can easely be made with a simple script tool,and you can do it in any game,it makes your mouse click very fast,its not an exploit.

I went all high tech and just left my phone in mouse1 while I got coffee.

what if you can click this fast naturally??

tbh I have a macro on my mouse that clicks 220 times for me. Don’t see the issue, only useful for crafting and then it only saves you from going crazy clicking and getting carpal tunnel lol