Autodesk Maya 2009

Well this isn’t really a request for a model but more of a request for a tutorial. Basically I just got my hands on Maya and I’m dumbfounded as to how to begin learning how to use it. I’ve searched various tutorials on youtube and such but none of them seem to go into the background information. For example, they’ll go through how to complete certain tasks but don’t give information on what the hell tools they’re using…

So anyways, if anyone here has a good tutorial for a COMPLETE BEGINNER please send it my way.

Go to pirate bay, and torrent some tutorials. I think I saw some when I was looking for xsi tutorials

(User was banned for this post ("Hinting at warez" - PLing))

Just gotta watch out that you only stick to freeware and shareware tutorials though.

Try 3DBuzz’s videos. The registration is free and I got hang of the UI in hours.