Autodesk Softimage

Alright, so as of a recommendation, I have downloaded Autodesk Softimage in order to try and start making models and ragdolls. However, I have no F@#$ing clue what I’m doing, and there are a lot of big words they use trying to explain it to me. I was wondering if anyone had the program, and could help me out on how to make a ragdoll… if that’s a good beginner thing.

Ragdoll is NOT a good beginner thing, try a simple prop tutorial.
This is a very simple prop tutorial that can be applied to many modeling programs.

Awesome, thanks. It says that I should use XSI… do I need that? Or will the Softimage thing work?

sorry that was just an example, Id advise you should find a tutorial for the software you own.

Dude, try this, The Artist’s Guide to Softimage by digital tutors. I found it to be very useful. Even though they are using XSI mod tool 7.5 the methods can be transferred over easily if you are using an earlier version.

You’re also probably going to want this as well Valve Source Add-On
That will allow you to use Source SDK content with XSI.

What I would suggest is to just get familiar with the layout. Get comfortable moving around in 3D space.

Don’t be alarmed, all these downloads are safe. I’ve used them, I trust Digital Tutors and Autodesk websites.