Hey. I was kicked 3 times, for a bug with the door on the official server (Moscow Happis 1) After that was banned on the server. Tell me what you need to do to get unbanned?

Banned because a door pushed you through a wall? pls FP… I’m so over teleporting people because doors keep pushing them through walls.

Ah, the old selective information gambit. Nice try!

Yes, you were banned because of a “bug with the door on the official server”, but context is important. You don’t mention that you and your friends were using that bug to build dozens of rock bases. Nor do you mention that you rebuilt them after they were ripped up. That seems like very relevant information, doesn’t it?

Damn, sux getting busted by the man.

In the chat wrote about the distribution of weapons, I answered, I was given access to sleeping bag and instructed to clamp on the door, after 3 attempts I was given the ban. I do not live in the rocks and did not want them to enter. unban please, I will not go to hand weapons
I got caught because the door, where I knew that given the ban after 3 attempts

It wasn’t even me that banned you. It was, however, me that watched you and your friends try and build into a rock the previous night. That’s twice in different days in front of two separate devs. Give it up.