Automata Models

Hey folks- I’ve been looking for a way to get a Source model of Carl from the Penny Arcade “Automata” series:

Is anyone interested/capable of making such a beast? I do not have the requisite skills personally; I can use them, not make them. :wink: I would like to use it in a concept I’ve been considering.


Is he in any of the penny arcade games?

Because as you can see, a majority of requests don’t get fulfilled, and you’re even worse off if someone has to create the model from scratch.

It is not in any PA game. It’s just a cartoon character. I fully understand that most requests don’t get filled, and I’m not going to whine if this one doesn’t. :slight_smile: I think it would be possible to do this as a reskin of an existing model- and there’s no facial animations or expressions for it (the character has a steel plate for a face, heh). To do well would require a lot of talent in skinning because there are no skins or textures, just the comics.

However, I fully and freely admit my ignorance of how difficult the request really is. If anyone is interested or able, that’s great- if not, well- c’est la vie. Maybe I can do some larnin’ and figure out how to do it myself if necessary.