Automated Server Updates on Linux

I want to know how to make automated server updates on linux.
I tried -autoupdate but that’s not working.

Type ./srcds_run -help
You need to provide -steambin and -steamuser on the server command line.

Every day at night, you automatically update it.

Or you install linuxgameservermanager(lgsm) and make a cronjob for it to update & restart.

-stembin <path> Where can I find the steam binary path? Is it /Steam/ :3
-steamuser Can I just use anonymous?

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And how does the automatic update thing work?
Everytime I restart, it will check whether there is an update and if it is, he will update?
Or is it everytime there’s an update, the server will be directly shutted down?

-steambin is the path to the steamcmd, where you normally update your server manually.
And yes anonymous should work.

It will update on map change or restart. When theres an update the message “server will update after…” or something like that spammed, but it never worked for me without an restart.

-autoupdate -steambin /home/steam/steamcmd -steamuser anonymous

Would this work? :slight_smile:

GMod’s srcds_run has not been updated to support SteamCMD I’m afraid.

You can try -steambin in case Valve added backwards compatibility to SteamCMD or something. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work though.

The -steambin thing is just forcing the server to freeze all the time.
I don’t understand the link you posted (github). Can somebody explain?