Automated Turrets? Player Controlled Rovers?

What do you guys think about some Automated Turrets for base defense when we are offline?

Maybe some Artillery Style and some Line of Sight that can target hostiles within a certain range?

To combat them, there could be player controlled rovers that can be equipped with Line of Sight and Artillery weapons. Maybe different combinations can be used with upgrades?

The rovers can be commanded to attack certain objects or to move to certain positions.

Is this a good idea? Or just pure chaos?

some of my artillery ideas

but the Automated turret part sounds awasome, like the Half Live 2 turret placeble on foundations and autofire against everyone not on yopur friendlist

To keep in the theme of using real life analogs, maybe you’d have to program friend-or-foe devices that people would have to carry so they’re not targeted. It could use a pass code system like the doors so turrets could use different codes. Each FoF module could store like 5 separate codes on them, so you wouldn’t need to carry a bunch of modules.

This would allow other players to steal the modules or try to guess the correct codes to circumvent security.

These security module’s could be broadly applied to high tech security, so it could open doors and bypass traps so long as you have the correct codes, if those devices support FoF.

Not sure i like this idea, what would stop people from placing them around random places, or around good resource areas.

I do think we need a good defense system when we are offline, maybe some sort of traps and Pitts.

No base should be un-raidable, but a good base should deter raiders.

Strongly disagree. The defense system in this game should be related to intelligently setting up traps, not AI guns that just shoot anyone it sees. Then there would be guns all over the roads and important areas.

rust isnt meant to be a game with a bunch of modern day weopons!

Yeah maybe when you wake up from some apocalyptic nightmare in the middle of nowhere with only a stone and some wood you can somehow craft that into a biometric control mechanism for a heat-seeking motion-activated discriminatory friend-or-foe anti personnel apparatus.

You’d need a bear carcass though.

I’m not saying there should be turrets, but if there are, I’d rather they didn’t use a friend list to determine who to shoot. Anything should be able to be circumvented.

I’m saying there shouldn’t be player-craftable machines of that level of sophistication in the game. The devs already said they want to remove the military weapons from the game, so adding turrets / rovers / etc wouldn’t make sense. If you want to play Modern Warfare, play Modern Warfare.

i wanna have a jetpack with attached rocket launchers that runs with low grade fuel.


How about a wall that comes down if you touch a certain area… THOSE ARE TRAPS

Not just “make AI gunner with 200 metal”…

I know it’s a idea, but do we really want to be CoD? Or a awesome survival game, where you actually got to use your brains :smiley:

The M4’s etc are fine, it’s something… But i think that should be it…

No cars, gunners, choppers or bazookas or any of that shit (imo)

Well, they have stated they want to add electricity, and even remarked that it would be cool to have a security camera which sent you an SMS picture of your base if it were raided while you were offline. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see robots since I believe the game will be going the jury-rigged technology route of the Fallout games. Don’t pigeon-hole this game into something it’s not.

I think you misunderstood what the devs want. MaxofS2D has stated that they want military weapons to eventually become symbols of prestige…extremy hard to find. They are going to eventually be removed from being craftable, but not from the game.

And automated turrets? Can your base defense possibly get any lazier? Absolutely not. Mounted guns are one thing, but we dont need game-sanctioned aimbots added to Rust.

When will we get our attack drones???

This game is alpha; it isn’t anything yet because nothing is set in stone. To claim it’s “not” something means you’re pigeonholing it yourself.

Automated defense turrents? Player-created roving attack drones? Yeah, that fits in well with the devs’ stated ambitions already.

Who knows what will become of the game. Only time can tell…

I for one think it would be really neat to see an evolution type process, where yes, we all start with the basics…but eventually the server evolves into the future.

What if we were all to start off naked with our rocks and fire, but eventually evolve into communities and have some sort of system of diplomacy. Different groups can fight for territory and advance as civilizations.

Eventually the higher tech weapons would ensue…

lol, idk…just a thought. Would be kind of cool. :slight_smile: