Automatic admin system

Hello people of the internet

I am new to the server hosting world and i see alot of servers use a system that when players buy admin on their servers they get it almost instantly on the servers

I am wondering how this is done :slight_smile:

In a short “How can i make it when people pay for admin they get it in my server without me having to do it manually”


If you want your server to go to shit like that…

then actually use the right section.

I think pay-for-admin is one of the worst things you could do to your server. Just because you have money to throw around does NOT mean that you are good; let alone responsible at administrating a server.

And like A_Pigeon said, this is probably in the wrong section. It would belong more in LUA Scripting because you would need to create a script to get what you want done.

Sorry :confused:

Im new

i agree with xanavolt, paying for admin is just lame. It should either be an appeal site. Or you should perhaps “build some trust” or actually know the person before hiring him as an administrator.

If you don’t know how to do this, what makes you think your server is worth putting money into?

Paying for admin IMO is just stupid…

Personally, I think the whole concept is bad and what people think of as “admin” is generally wrong. An admin is someone who manages the server and has the ability to modify server settings along with all of the abilities moderators are given. Moderators are there to kick the shit out of bad players. I rarely give my admins more than moderator access + sandbox settings and my moderators hardly get more than kick, mute, ban, etc. That excludes gimmicky commands like rocket and slap. Administration and moderation are jobs, not privileges. Moderation isn’t fun.

Aside from that, I have a rank for my close friends with all of the fun stuff. So, if you’re going to let people pay for extra privileges, at least name the group they get promoted to something like “VIP” and keep it under the admin group so your real admins aren’t powerless against them.

[del]If you’re really set on selling extra privileges, don’t sell anything that would inconvenience other players like guns or commands like /rocket and /slap. Give them access to[/del]
On second thought, don’t sell privileges unless you can offer something truly unique to your players. Selling access to a free addon is just ripping people off.

In your opinion it may be wrong but it’s HIS server, he does it HIS way. He just asked for help in the wrong section.
On-Topic: I saw something like this earlier not exactly for “Admin” but for donator privlages. I think you must have to link it and it’s pretty complicated.

Yeah, it’s his server, but he’s just advertising another server everyone’s going to avoid after reading the OP. Not to mention if a coder doesn’t like what you’re doing to your server, they won’t help you half the time.

Might does not equal right.

I believe that was his other thread