Automatic Chat Messages??????

Hey, I own a server and Ive been on many servers, that every now and then an automatic chat message pops up in blue and says for example, this sever is runned by blah blah blah, or we use blah blah blah. Well I would like to get one of these on my server to advertise my web hosting. I know lua, but im not sure how to make it, do you have to make code it? Or is there a command, please help :D.

EDIT: I got the PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, “Message Here” )to work, but how do I make it repeat but not have it spamed?

PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, "Message Here" )

Resource is the Garry’s Mod Lua wiki.
I suggest you go there, and see all the different functions.

Or you can get ULX if you don’t use it. you can download it here click the downloads page. they’ll give instructions. there are a lot of plugins and the blue banner you’re thinking of comes from ulx

thanks guys, ;D a lot of help