Automatic Demo Recorder

All too often I’m playing on a TTT server, and someone blatantly RDMs, trolls, exploits, or breaks the rules of the server in general. Sure, I could record a demo to catch the person in action and have the proof, but it seems like I never start recording a demo at the right time! After all, there’s no way to anticipate when someone will break the rules. Also, I can’t just leave a demo recording the entire time I’m playing. The filesize would be huge! What I’m looking for is an automatic demo recorder. It would start recording a demo at the beginning of each round, and if something happened during the round, you could choose to save that demo. If not, the demo would just be deleted at the end of the round. For servers not running a round-based gamemode, a new demo could be created every 10 mins (or however long you choose), and the demo before it would be deleted unless you choose to save it.

In my opinion, this would be extremely useful to catch trolls on servers and keep them banned. This would not only be useful for catching trolls, but for capturing awesome moments in-game. Say you had an amazing, awe-inspiring round. Well you could choose to save that round to a demo! This centers on the same idea that Black Ops uses for recording rounds. Does such a program exist? I googled around and couldn’t find anything. If this hasn’t been thought of for Gmod already, then I think this would be a great idea.

So something like the TF2 demo recorder?
That would be great

I can’t say I’m familiar with the TF2 demo recorder, as I don’t play TF2 very often. I would create something like this myself, but unfortunately I lack the coding skills.

I record an entire round, and it only is around 4gb, edit it in Sony Vegas, even in HD, goes down to around 250mb.

Its already built into Garry’s Mod!
Type record [name] to start recording a demo, type stop in console to finish recording.

I think you’re missing my point. Of course there’s the built in recorder, but I’m talking about an automatic demo recorder. It would record a demo each round, and delete it at the start of the next round unless you choose to save it (at the press of a key). That way you won’t have demos piling up in your folder and it’s completely automatic. So if something happens during the round, it can always be saved no matter what.

You could simply bind a key to starting a demo and another to stopping it…

Yes, but then you’d have a pile of demos in your folder. This would be much more practical. It would only save what you need, and you wouldn’t have to press a key unless you wanted to keep the last round’s demo.

He doesn’t want to record a round, so he can re-watch it, he wants to record a round in case there are some rule breakers. He doesn’t want 20 demos in his folder just to catch 1 guy, he wants 1 demo in the folder that is automatically saved by the auto-recorder.

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I suggest going here this might help it might not im not sure if its even possible in lua, you might have to get a server plugin

Technically, what you want is a system like TF2’s wherein it will record every match, but only save the recording when a command is issued.

Basically, you’d be recording a bunch of demos, one for every round (possibly having the start/stop recording triggered by the ingame round start event), but immediately deleting them if they are not marked to be kept.

Unless Lua can do file operations (for the deletion of demos which are not marked by an issued command), you’ll need something else. Everything else could be handled by Lua hooking into the state of the game round.