Automatic Donation System

Hello, me again. I have had my server up for quite a while, and noticed I need a donation system.

What I am looking for is;

An automatic donation system that is cheap

I can add the buying of ranks (Like my VIP rank) and it will automatically give that person it at checkout

Again, I have some money but not much so the cheapest thing (Even free) as long as it is automatic, and I can add ranks.

? Do you want us to code this for you? Are you looking for an addon on ScriptFodder? Elaborate for me, I’m confused.

I dont really want to hire someone, more of a ScriptFodder.

Cheap, easy to use, can input ranks and stuffs so when they buy it, they automatically get it.
Even if I have to add custom ranks myself with code is alright.

How tough would the ULX one be to setup?
Can it be used with this Temporary Rank addon?