Automatic Donator Rank?


I was wondering if theres a mod that allows a certain Steam ID become a donator rank within the server automatic. The player would tell us there Steam ID, donate thru paypal on a website than automatically get a donator rank on the server. If theres no mod already made, any suggestions or tips on how i can go about making this system? Btw, lua will be used ofc.

You could use forum software, edit it so it calls an RCon command that will add the user to a certain usergroup.
You could look at the code of (i.e.) SourceBans, they have a RCon function. If using this, you could easily send a command like “ulx adduserid <steamid gotten from the donation plugin> <group>” (Example for ULX).
I don’t know if there’s any plugin for that, I doubt. But with some LUA and PHP you should be able to do this.

It’s pretty funny that most of the hireable lua-coders can do this, but no one has actually released an open, free “Automatic Donation system” for download.

Well, why make something that everyone wants for free when you can get money out of them.

Because creating a script and then selling it gives you the same reputation as HL2RP.

– edit –
I mean, if you don’t release it in public, and sell it to someone who asks you to make it, yes, worth asking money for it, but not if you’re making a public release but requiring people to pay for it.

Some stuff are just really just not meant to be released to the public.

BTW, I sent you a message. Check it out.