Automatic EAC ban due to bug

I was playing on server Facepunch Amsterdam III and me and my buddy found a bug by accident.

It was a collision bug with a large furnace and tool cupboard and it caused you to launch into the air real high
I got EAC banned for discovering this bug by accident, how do I proceed?

Um. This isn’t EAC support. You need to contact them.

Where do I contact them?

Their contact page on their site.

Aight, I’ll give that a go, thanks

try their website.

also, just as a heads up, they don’t tend to ban for collision issues. they ban for cheat signatures. or devs manually EAC ban you for being enough of a prick.

toned down the sass a bit since i was ninja’d, and you were grateful for the other persons reply.

it is not real high - about 6 floor :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m not the griefing or trash talking type, I’m more the quiet player

I did have a program called Cheat Engine once, uninstalled it a long time ago but its entirely possible it left traces on my computer

I just think itd be weird to only be banned for it after so many hours of gameplay on various games with EAC

I’ve sent a message to EAC

First and foremost you need to understand that EAC doesn’t detect you being launched in the air in game. It detects the program you used to cheat.

Your story is a complete lie.

And how am I supposed to know that, if my EAC ban coincides with the bug, and I have no knowledge of how EAC works, natural thought process would be to associate the bug with the ban

EAC has confirmed it was an unfair ban, they are looking further into what caused it

We done here, thanks for the help to those that provided any =p

Any information about your discussion with EAC would be helpful. Its hard enough to catch hackers, i’d like to know more about EAC false bans, if there are.

Everytime a hacker in a clan get banned they claim it must be a EAC bug, every single time.

Aye but if they claim it to be an EAC bug, the EAC team will know otherwise and they still wont get unbanned

Also I have no info on what caused the ban, Ive only been told the ban was unfair and theyre looking into it, they will probably have it fixed by tomorrow Ive been told
Besides, I doubt its a good idea to disclose such information, it might help hack developers get a better understanding of working around EAC, so Im not even sure if theyll tell me what caused it to begin with, and if they do I will keep it to myself

Ill refrain from further replying to this thread cause as far as Im concerned the topic is closed =p