Automatic FastDL sync?


I was wondering if there is any way to get near-instant fastdl synchronization between a server and fasdl, even if only instant for the cache. They are on separate boxes so symlink is out of the question.

Someone I used to know had a php script on the fastdl which would check if a file was there as it was requested by someone joining, and if it wasnt, it was uploaded. This was awesome because we were running a TTT server that we were constantly changing/adding/removing things from, and it meant that it could just be done on a full server and when the map changed the new cache would be instantly uploaded, so nobody would get the server misconfigured error.

On my current server this is a problem, I have a lot of things I need to change and tweak on a constant basis but the server is full all day and has people in most of the night, so constantly restarting it/making changes gets people rather annoyed.

Is there anything like described above floating about which I could use?

Indeed, this would be VERY useful. Does such a thing exist?

Some server hosters offer this service.

Our host doesnt, but we definitely had it on our old server except I’m not on great terms with the guy anymore so I cant exactly get it off him.

It was a php script which sv_downloadurl was pointed to like ‘blahblah.php?dl=’

I know it did that to get the filename, then from what I have heard from someone else, it checked if the file was on the server, and if it wasnt, it connected to the gameserver and pulled it off.

If this isnt floating about already I’m gonna sit and work at it until I get it right…Its really important for me to be able to edit files and have the new cache auto-upload without disturbing people’s gameplay since its full all day. Its very difficult to have to wait until the server is empty at 2am to change anything, especially when I have so much I need to tweak.

The only downside is if you change something, it will require a restart of the server