Automatic Gunshop V5

Here is my new automatic gunshop I built on my DarkRP server, Canadian’s Turf. It is like 3/4 E2, and 1/4 gates. It is totally unscammable. It is made without, you guessed it, custom props. That means everyone can see it. Therefore, you get more business.

nice work and good music!

quite the fucking intro, i made a sandwich.

I like the compact design

You can make a sandwich in 39 seconds?

hastily yes

i likes this stuff i see :smiley:
but i have a way to get the $$$ though.


Nuke it :smiley: and make it look like my picture =3
you just have to find the $$$ scattered around the map

very nice

great job. should have doors close behind them once money is placed in, and open 5 seconds after weapon is distributed to stop stealers

No download? I love this D:

A techno chicken that’s new =O


couldn’t they just slide the money into the machine and hold it until the gun comes out? (push it to the end)

I must say epic win this thing is pretty awesome but one flaw, on rp servers ive played on cops can issue warrants and they can unfreeze your stuff with a battering ram so if a cop saw you open it up they could go corrupt and jack ur money

Ahem if you watched the entire video, it shows me trying to scam it by doing that, it won’t register it.

Even though i don’t play rp i still like it
and is nicely made

download pl0x this is utterly awesome

This isn’t actually a bad idea at all, it’ll stop kids from hoarding weapons and it will prevent hold-ups

Silly people, you should know by now… I don’t provide downloads.